Piie's Profile


Age: 17

Epsode Eliminated:

1st time: Fox-y-Lady

2nd time : TBA

Place Eliminated:

1st Time: 1st

2nd Time: TBA

No Relationship

Friends: Sarahh, Coookiee, Lucky, Serenity, Ace, Mickey

Enimies: Kailey

Piie was the first person to arrive on the island. And She didn't have lots of friends yet. So, when Sarahh arrived on the island, She wanted to slap five with Piie, but fell through the wood. Piie helped her and grabbed her hand. When Luckii came on the island, Piie said " My God, you look like the Statue of Liberty's Pimp" and Sarahh high fives her.

In Fox-y-Lady. Piie helps get the story by holding the camera. When Sarahh said "Now", she got the whole story. But Piie gave Sarahh a dasterly look when it didn't impress the FOX leader. Sarahh did not vote for Piie, Niether did Lucky.

In "Find GM and Jennifer", Piie comes back along with Serenity.Piie shook hands with Serenity to greet her to everyone else. Piie and Serenity were on the team with 4 to find Gm and Jennifer.

In "International Bike Race", Piie joins a alliance with, Fizzle, the leader, Cookiiee, Gm and Serenity. Hoping won invincibility, wich Makes the alliance to vote off Coookiee. Their plan failed when Coookiee came back the next episode. Piie is seen in the confessional

In "The Christmas Challenge", She was the first to get called on the Gophers side.

Piie's team already lost two times, in Bandana Bandits, and Dial M for Murdered.